Diane Goble, MSCC, CCHt

Diane Goble

Author & Master Transition Coach

Diane Goble has a Master’s Degree in Psychology (CSULB, 1983) and another in Clinical Hypnotherapy (St. John’s U, 1992). Over the years she taught stress management, had a practice in hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy, became an ordained spiritual minister, and was a hospice volunteer off and on over 25 years in Florida, California and Oregon. Diane is the author of Beyond the Veil: Our journey home, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cosmic Consciousness, Reincarnation and the Evolution of Consciousness, Sitting in the Lotus Blossom and the website BeyondtheVeil.net (1996-2018).

In 1971, at age 30, Diane drowned while white water rafting and had an extensive near-death experience, which is what changed her life path and led her to return to education at age 37 and eventually to explore the field of death and dying.

As her spiritual path unfolded, Diane became an innovator and a pioneer in the fields of stress management, mind-body-spirit healing, transpersonal psychology, past-life regression therapy, and the practice of Conscious Dying– being aware of and involved in all aspects of one’s personal transformational journey home.

To get her message out to more people, being a writer not an orator, she authored a number of metaphysical books and maintained a website about near-death experiences for 21 years, all leading up to the publication of Beyond the Veil: Our journey home, which is based on an online course she developed in 2007 to train Transition Guides (Death Doulas, Spiritual Midwives) to empower terminally ill patients to take control of their own end of life planning. You can read about Diane’s extraordinary journey into the afterlife in her book. After training a number of practitioners from around the world, she turned the course into a printed workbook which patients and caregivers could use together to develop advance planning and practice the Art of Conscious Dying.

The book was released in 2015 and now it’s 2018 and at 76 years of age, Diane agrees its time to wind down and start writing her memoirs. But her mission continues and she would like to offer herself as an online coach to people who have read “Beyond the Veil” and feel they and their family could benefit from her guidance through this tumultuous time in their lives to make it a more peaceful, loving and meaningful process.

I’d rather spend quality time with a few families who need coaching occasionally than be so busy running all over town seeing clients that I don’t have any time for myself at this time in my life. I look forward to connecting with people from around the world who realize that we are spiritual beings who came into these bodies to experience the physical world and when these bodies give out, we continue on with our spiritual journey through many dimensions in many forms. Our physical death here is the rebirth of our spiritual self. We are mourned on this side and welcomed home on the other. 

• • • • • • •

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.

~Albert Einstein

Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness where you continue to perceive, to understand, to laugh and to be able to grow.

~Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

My Mission

My mission as a Transition Coach is to empower my clients to overcome fear of death and dying by providing them with the methods and resources to be in control of this profound transformational journey we all get to experience no matter what one’s physical or mental condition– to assist them in carrying out their personal last wishes and final arrangements for a peaceful conscious dying experience based on their own values and beliefs. 

The message I was given to share with those whose lives I touch is that WE don’t die! Only our physical form expires while the essence of who we are is released and returns home in full consciousness–- an exhilarating Aha! moment of understanding everything while being filled with overwhelming love, peace and joy… finally remembering who we really are and what the heck this lifetime on planet Earth was all about… being greeted by our loved ones who have gone on before us, and the realization that we are returning home to the Source of our being–- from whence we came.

I don’t just base this on my own experience. I’ve been reading other experiences, talking with other experiencers, and participating in and following the literature concerning the research into the survival of consciousness after death for decades. These experiences are not hallucinations or delusions or wishful thinking… and I believe so many are surfacing now because it’s time for humanity to collectively WAKE UP and realize there is more to life and death than we’ve been led to believe, and a higher purpose for humans to exist and maintain this planet for that purpose.

My coaching is non-denominational yet adaptable to any belief system or none. I respect all religions and beliefs for their intrinsic beauty and compassion but do not hold one over another. In the Light I found only Universal Love at the Source.

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Diane’s story of transformation is Chapter 10 of The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences: How the Messages of NDEs Positively Impact the World by Dr. Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh. This book was compiled as a gift to humanity as well as a means to help overcome the povety and suffering of children around the world by dedicating all royalties from book sales to the non-profit Love Care Share Foundation. Your purchase is a donation. Share the Love!