Purchase a copy of the workbook Beyond the Veil: Our journey home which may be ordered from amazon.com or any online or onland bookstore. There is also a Kindle version available, but you can’t write notes in it!  This large type print version has Notes pages at the end of every chapter and it’s meant to be a workbook… scribble away!

Diane Goble

The workbook is designed to

  • encourage family discussons about end-of-life wishes long before it becomes an issue
  • provide information about end-of-life paperwork (US) that will assure a person’s last wishes when put in writing
  • stimulate conversations between the Patient and the Primary Caregiver about the Patient’s wishes for care and living arrangements as health changes occur
  • share ideas from religions and cultures around the world that can be included in family discussions about death and dying
  • teach the Art of Conscious Dying, which means to be aware of what’s going on at all times and mitigate feelings of fear, helplessness and loss of control
  • provide resources and information that will be helpful to the whole family as they deal with letting go
  • suggest ways for the Patient to practice letting go of fear, to be open to communicating with relatives waiting on the other side, and to go gently into the Light

The book may be all you need to put these concepts into action, but if, after looking over the workbook, you and your family think you may be interested in working through it with the Transition Coach who wrote the book, you’re invited to email Diane Goble to request an appointment for a free 15-minute phone call to discuss your needs and help you make a decision to proceed to the next step–


If, after your initial conversation, you decide you and your family would feel comfortable working with a Transition Coach, we’ll book an appointment for a phone or Skype call and set up initial payment arrangements through PayPal. During the call, we’ll go through an initial assessment of your needs, which could take about an hour, and develop a Coaching Plan.

  • For the Coaching Plan, some clients prefer a scheduled weekly phone call; others want to be able to call when questions come up
  • There may be more frequent calls early on, then less need for a period, then greater need as health changes
  • It is up to the client to end the phone session. There is a 30 minute minimum and two hours is the upper limit
  • If Client has a time limit, please say so at beginning of call. The Coach may do the same
  • Clients may email a list of questions ahead to be discussed during phone calls to save explanation time
  • Clients may text if it’s a short, quick question or emergency and Diane will respond as quickly as possible (no charge)


  • Diane only works with a limited number of clients at a time and for many families the duration may extend over six months or longer so there may be a waiting list at times.
  • Diane is available every day between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:00 pm PST for phone or Skype calls by appointment only, and will respond to texts and emails as soon as possible
  • New clients are charged $25 to book initial appointment and create client file
  • Ongoing clients may book appointment times with 24 hours notice
  • For cancellations, please give 24 hours notice
  • Time begins at connection and stops when client requests end of conversation
  • Diane will keep a timer and it is suggested client do as well to keep track of how much time passes
  • Coaching time is billed at $1.00 per minute
  • Pre-paid packages for 3 hours, 5 hours and 10 hours are available
  • Internet research and transmittal @$25 per hour (payable prior to transmittal)

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