“Beyond the Veil” was a true blessing in disguise for me. It taught me about the five stages of the end of life. I had no idea there were stages to the end of life process.

My father fought cancer for the last 2-1/2 years of his life. I was fortunate enough to spend the last month with him and watched him go through each of the stages. Because I knew what to expect I felt empowered to help my dad but more importantly I was at peace with each step. I  also felt comfortable talking with him and my mom about what he was experiencing. I was absolutely amazed at how accurate each of the stages were described in the book.

It’s a wonderful way to prepare yourself and anyone in your family for all the things we face at the end of life. Of course nobody wants to talk about dying or anything that goes along with it Diane Goble gives you a guideline in “Beyond the Veil” of all the things we need to think about well in advance. For example, my parents didn’t have a will or medical directive. My brother and I tried for years get them to establish both items so we would know their wishes when their health declined and/or they passed. Heck, we didn’t even know if they wanted to be buried, cremated or what cemetery they wanted to be in, songs to play, or what clothes they wanted to wear, etc. There is so much that can be taken care of in advance, which will make the end of life process so much easier and less painful, don’t wait! Be pro active and take the necessary steps now you’ll be glad you did.

“Beyond the Veil” provides you with ways to approach these delicate subjects while focusing on ways to make the end-of-life more peaceful, loving, and a celebration of one’s life. I’m sure everyone’s end-of-life situation is unique and I can assure you “Beyond the Veil” is completely unbiased across all facets of life and it will provide you with useful direction, insights, websites and tools to help prepare you for your individual journey.

Diane, thank you for sharing your life experiences and forty plus years of Hospice service so we could be prepared for “Beyond the Veil.”

Forever Grateful, Ron S. – Sisters, OR