As I begin this blog, I sit watching the snow falling outside the window on the second day of spring 2018 and marvel at the constant parade of wildlife that passes by. It’s a bit like watching a silent movie about the cycle of life.

In the early morning mist before the sun rises, the Canadian Geese floating on the creek that flows behind the barn wake everybody else up with their raucous chatter. I presume they are discussing their travel plans for the day as they make their way toward their Canadian nesting grounds for the summer. Then, perhaps as the sun reaches a certain point in the sky and warms the air, there is a sudden thunderous flutter of wings and they take to the skies. Two at a time… small groups of eight or ten… how many before they become a flock of geese? Who gets to be the leader? I read somewhere that during long distance flights, they switch the leadership position. I wonder do they have a debate? Is it a contest? Does the leader make the decision to fall back and another decides to step up? Is there a hierarchy? Is it a male-female issue?┬áIs it an honor or a punishment? Is there ever a mid-air fight about it?

Mid-morning, a small herd of cows following a path along the other side of the creek reaches an area of open grassland surrounded by Juniper trees where they just hang out for a couple of hours every day. There are several babies still nursing from their mothers. The calves romp around, play together down by the creek, annoy the grazing adults. The bulls lie down and chew their cud while the cows nurse their offspring. There’s one really big bull who seems to be in control of the herd.

Occasionally I’m jarred by a loud mooooooo, but for the most part they are quiet transients taking in the amenities the forest has to offer. There’s one small white bull who keeps following this one cow around who is three times his size but it doesn’t deter him from jumping on her every time she turns her back to him. She kicks her back leg and trots off as he falls off then pulls himself together.

I look down at my computer to read what I’ve written and when I look up a short time later and they are all gone. Guess the big guy said it was time to head for the barn.

While eating lunch, I begin to see the wild turkeys gathering in around the clump of trees on the other side of the creek. Females and young ones gather around a small area where they mill about on the bank of the creek. Could be 25-30; hard to tell from 50 feet away. There is much noisy gobble-gobbling among them. I can only see them because there are yet no leaves on the trees. It’s not long before a literal parade of 20 or so well-feathered males strut out from somewhere behind the house and in single-file make their way to the creek. As they approach, there is much excitement among those waiting on the other side. The males cluster about along the berm and one by one they flap their wings and take a running jump across the 6 foot wide creek, where they are greeted with much excitement on the other side. Pretty soon, due to over-crowding I’d guess, they begin to form a single line and walk along the river’s edge then into the field where the cows hung out earlier. And the turkeys hang out there for quite a while before they too vanish into the forest. Two days from now they will be back and repeat this ritual again and again.

Late afternoon a small herd of deer wander into the field beyond the old barn. They walk along the fence that lines the red cinder road to the house feeding on what they can find along their path. When the leaders get down near the perpendicular rail fence beyond the barn, each suddenly turns and jumps over the fence onto the road and heads up the mountain… except the one young deer who wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see where the other five deer jumped over. They were gone by the time she noticed. She looked over the fence, walked down to the rail fence, didn’t seem to think she could jump over any of them. She suddenly turned back towards the way they came, went into panic mode, jumping like she was being chased… then she suddenly realized she was in front of the place where the other deer jumped over and excitedly jumped over it onto the road. Except the other deer had moved on and she didn’t know which way they went. She wandered about a bit… and then around the corner she noticed her family had come back for her. Such joy… and they all ran off together!

As the sun sets, new flocks of geese arrive to spend the night on the river. They announce their arrival overhead and those in the river let them know, hey, we’re down here. At sunset sometimes I hear an orchestration, a cacophony of squawks that is almost melodic, as if every goose on the river is performing in a sunset concert… a concert to celebrate the journey of life.

We are all on a journey… a spiritual journey through this multi-dimensional universe. We become human to experience the physical dimension and return home with new knowledge as we continue to evolve in consciousness and grow in love.

Peace & Joy!