Beyond the Veil: Our journey home (2015)

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A workbook for caregivers and patients who are involved in end of life situations, as well as anyone who wants to be prepared when their time comes. Written by someone who died and came back to share what she learned during her near-death experience in 1971 to help others realize that we don’t die and our soul journey is continuous.

Diane writes about having the important conversations among family members, including all the paperwork that needs to filled out, signed and notarized ahead of time, and offers a simple method, adaptable to any religion or none, to achieve a peacefully aware transition experience

This book came from a training course Diane developed in 2007 to train and certify Transition Guides to teach the dying how to prepare themselves and their loved ones for a peaceful and meaningful transition experience. She trained a number of people around the world before the economy collapsed and unfortunately it was not a paid occupation. In 2015 she rearranged the course into book form for the general reader and self-published it to make the information accessible to everyone, by putting the emphasis on family communication. Today there are a number of professional certification programs popping up around the world preparing end of life caregivers as “death doulas”.

See eBook version How to Die Consciously: Secrets from Beyond the Veil, which is available at most online  services.