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Near-Death Experiencer 

Book 1


Near-Death Experiences

Fear of Death

Death & Dying


Paranormal Experiences

Reincarnation, Karma, Past Lives

The Afterlife


In the early years of my first website (1998-2018), I became inundated with thousands of emails from people all over the world who were curious about my Near-Death Experience.

It soon became a full-time non-paying job just to keep up with all the correspondence, requests for interviews, and posting updates on the website. But then my circumstances changed and I had to move and find a full-time job, etc. so I decided to put some of the email conversations I had into a book in case I lost the website.

I discovered I had been getting many similar questions over and over so in 2010 I put them into categories and choose a few examples from each to put in the book hoping to reach out to others with similar questions. The book turned out to be quite long so I split it into two volumes.

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I published both books in one Kindle ebook titled Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cosmic Consciousness