Mandala Art

Coloring Book

I created this Mandala Art Coloring Book as a meditation tool in 1989 when I was living in St. Petersburg, Florida–along with greeting cards and other items, to sell at craft fairs.

There are six designs on 8”x8” heavy gloss white paper, an introduction page and a blank page for when you are ready to create your own mandala design then color it.

While digging through old boxes of my stuff recently, I found seven copies!

Back in the day, I sold them for $8.95… considering inflation, that would be $20.14 in today’s dollars!!

However, if you would like to own an original copy, I will accept a donation from the highest bidder on the last day of each of the next seven months–

May 31-November 31, 2022.

Email your bid to Diane at: 

Subject: Mandala Art Auction (month)

* * *

Below are the six designs included.

Suggest coloring with Sharpies

 * * *