Beginner’s Guide to Conscious Dying

The Path to Soul Healing, Peace of Mind & Unconditional Love


An introduction to the Art of Conscious Dying into the Clear Light based on ancient beliefs brought up-to-date by modern near-death experiences. Diane Goble is an NDEr who has dedicated her life to helping others overcome fear of death by practicing to die befor we die so when our time comes, we know what we can and can’t do when we find ourselves outisde our body looking back at the physical world from another dimension of existence, fully conscious and aware of what is going on around us. Through this practice, we come to realize we don’t die, only our body dies. During our transition, we transform into our spiritual form and return to our spiritual home wrapped in the arms of unconditional love and acceptance. Whether you are nearing death, a caregiver or just want to prepare yourself for your graduation from the University of Life on Earth, this is your guidebook to achieving a peaceful transition.

Note: This book is out of print but Diane has a few copies available for purchase. Send her an email requesting information.