Diane Goble, MSCC, CCHt

Diane Goble had a near-death/afterlife experience when she drowned during a white water river rafting accident in 1971 at age twenty-nine, which had a profound transformational effect on her life. Much of the knowledge she received on her journey beyond the veil was revealed on her original web site BeyondtheVeil.net (1998-2018) and remains available to spiritual seekers through her books. Her mission has been to help others overcome fear of death by realizing it is not an ending, but an  important milestone along our soul’s  journey and accelerates the evolution of consciousness among human beings.

Diane returned to education seven years after her NDE, putting herself through five years of education as a single parent of three children by cleaning houses, walking dogs and typing grad students’ and professors’ papers until she earned her Masters Degree in Community-Clinical Psychology from California State University-Long Beach in 1983. She graduated from St. John’s University in Louisiana in 1996 with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy and worked as a graphic artist and word processor to sypport her work as a spiritual teacher and counselor, author and webmaster.

Now, at age eighty, fifty years post-NDE, Diane lives in Sisters, Oregon, near two of her three children and three of her five grandchildren, and is currently working on her memoir. During the COVID lockdown, she took up painting to explore other ways of conveying the essence of her experience beyond the veil.  You can visit her art gallery and check out her books on this site.

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I created this Mandala Art Coloring Book as a meditation tool in 1989 when I was living in St. Petersburg, Florida–along with greeting cards and other items to sell at craft fairs.

While digging through old boxes of my stuff recently, I found seven copies… and the original artwork! Back then I sold them for $8.95… considering inflation, that would be $20.14 in today’s dollars!! But if you would like to own an original copy, I will accept a donation from the highest bidder on the last day of each of the next seven months, starting January 31, 2022. Email your bid to me Subject: Mandala Art donation (month).

There are six designs on 8”x8” heavy gloss white paper, an introduction page and a blank page for when you are ready to create your own mandala design then color it.